Street violence and gang culture 2.0

ডেইলি স্টার সামসাদ মর্তুজা প্রকাশিত: ২৬ জুন ২০২১, ০০:০০

A female student of mine walked out of her dentist's chamber at Bailey Road at around 8pm on June 7, 2021. She walked towards Viqarunnisa Noon School looking for a CNG auto-rickshaw when a random guy appeared from nowhere and punched her. She started bleeding profusely from the cut under her right eye and could not see or sense anything except for a flash of someone in a red T-shirt walking away from the scene. No one came to help her, although a few curious onlookers gathered to relish the moment. She finally managed to get on a rickshaw to return to the dentist's chamber and call her parents. The family was not in the right mindset to report the incident to the police. Later, when the girl went to file a GD, the officers quizzed her about her "relation" with the "presumed" attacker and told her to report the assailant as someone she knew. The GD was not taken as the police failed to believe that such whimsical violence could take place. There must be a story, and she had none. At least, not a prescribed one.

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