ED: Our water-logging woes need a long-term solution

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The city councils need to take some responsibility in this matter
Even moderate amounts of rain in the capital are sometimes enough to cripple city life, flooding major roads, and making commutes impossible. Water-logging is not a new phenomenon in Dhaka -- we see it year after year, and yet, we have never come up with a solid plan to combat this problem. 

The city councils need to take some responsibility in this matter. After all, we have been hearing promises for years, but very little by way of results. The DSCC mayor has said a long-term plan will be taken. Part of this vision is to improve the sewerage system to ensure easy water flow in canals in and around Dhaka. We have, however, heard promises to fix the drainage system before, but in practice we only see it getting worse. Closely related to the problem of drainage is the problem of rampant littering and plastic pollution -- rubbish frequently clogs up the drainage, exacerbating the water-logging problem.

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