Making Dhaka liveable again is challenging but not impossible

ডেইলি স্টার সম্পাদকীয় প্রকাশিত: ১১ জুন ২০২১, ০০:০০

The latest Economist Intelligence Unit's ranking of liveable cities has placed Dhaka as the fourth least liveable city in the world. While we already know the challenges brought about by the pandemic that has affected every city in the globe, Dhaka included, there is little reason for us to hide behind the "pandemic" excuse. We already know that Dhaka, with a density of 47,800 people per square kilometre, is bursting at the seams. The categories for the ranking are healthcare (our score is 16.7), culture and environment (a whopping 30), education (33.3) and infrastructure (26.8).

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