Send a Secret Message With Your Favorite Flowers

Flowers are certainly more than their pretty petals and bright colors. These days, giving someone a specific bouquet might represent an act of love, friendship, sympathy, and more.

Ask the Sexpert: The 90-year-old sex guru

Sex education is a controversial issue in India, but one man has done more than anyone to promote discussion of the subject. Dr Mahinder Watsa's unusually frank and funny daily newspaper column has become a cult hit.

Style & Fashion

Orange is the new black

The colour is having its moment on the runways. To bright orange shades to peachy pastels, the colour is making its presence felt. The colour can be versatile in its various shades, be it bright tangerines, sporty orange or in pretty shades of coral.

Eid Buzz: Non Traditional Kameez

This Eid, non traditional kameezes are making news on the fashion radar. Now a days the concept of salwar kameez designs revolutionized, with the rise new trends, styles in asian fashion designers tried to reinvent the garment.

Shwapno Life with hoard of bright EID Collection

Shwapno Life is one of the emerging fashion lines in Bangladesh. This Eid Shwapno Life’s Collection is introducing something fresh and exclusive with the theme of 'Personalized imperfection of the human hand' for both men and women.

Nail art goes 3D

Enhance your boring manicure by using 3D nail deco material. From ceramic flowers and caviar beads to coloured pearls and sparkling jewels, a variety of options are available in the market that will add dimension to your nails.

Girls' guide to menswear

There's never been a better time to borrow from the boys. Just note: there isn't a baggy "boyfriend" jean in sight.

Rang with colorful attire of EID

The main fashion culture of our country has been established based on Eid. And that is the reason why renowned fashion house Rang begins its Eid preparations throughout the year.


Iftar Special: Yummy and Cheesy Cappuccino Cheesecake

Yummy and Cheesy way to make Cappuccino Cheesecake for iftar. Enjoy the easy recipe!

Triple Dipped Fried Chicken

Fried chicken. It's something that kids long for and adults can't resist. This evening, how about making your family members some fried chicken instead of a home delivery of KFC/BFC. This recipe will make their eyes sparkle. Pinky Promises.

Rush Hour Iftar menu: Oven Baked BBQ Cjicken

If you are in a hurry and also need to have a to do with your Ramadan Iftar menu for all. Then pick this one without being worried. Ramadan-perfect BBQ chicken that will have your family asking for more! Just don't forget the hand wipes- you'll want to eat these up with your hands!

Cheesy Mushroom Caps for Kids' Iftar

These cute mushroom caps will make your kids roam around you requesting to do make it for every Iftar dish. You don't need to worry about their whole day lacking of nutrition. This is yummy and healthy also. Try it today!

Iftaar for the sweet-tooth: Tres Leches (Milk Cake)

A tres leches cake, or torta de tres leches (from Spanish, "three milks cake"), or pan tres leches ("three milks bread"), is a sponge cake—in some recipes, a butter cake—soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream.

Kids' Iftar: Crispy Cheese Rolls

Your kids are hungry as they are fasting. But after this long hour fast, they are arguing over not to eat. Don't worry much. Try this crispy cheesy snacks to make them roaming around you.

Iftar twist: Mango and Mint Kheer

Rice cooked in milk, saffron, loads of nuts and flavored with mango puree and mint leaves.

Iftar Cheesy Spice: Paneer Kofta

In the simplest form, koftas consist of balls of minced or ground meat—usually beef or lamb—mixed with spices and/or onions. However, serve a bowl of kofta made of cheese, it'll be an upgrade to the dish.

Loaf for Iftaar: Pepperoni Bread

Now, after a long day of fasting who wouldn't want to be treated with a pepperoni stuffed bread that tastes like pizza, yet it's not pizza?

Sehri special : Chicken jalfrezi

Children nowadays are mostly attracted to spicy food, and that too has to be made with chicken or beef. Often they leave the dinner table with empty stomachs during sehri. Considering the fact that something is better than nothing, here is a easy recipe of chicken for Sehri.

Iftar Special for first timers: Sweet Doi Bora

Fasting for the first time is an anticipated event in the lives of children. They expect something special served on the iftar table -- creamy haleem, crispy jilapi, hot piaju, etc. -- and mothers make a mental note of this demand. Enjoy the easy recipe!

Iftaar delicacy: Multani Paneer Tikka

Ramadan period, If you are tired of taking ordinary Chop-Chana-Muri, then try this one and your family will crave for this everyday.


How to make your hair grow faster

Do you see people around you who have strong, healthy hair that grows fast, but does your hair seem to take all the time in the world to even reach your shoulders?

Don't curse weather for low back pain

Sudden, acute episodes of low back pain are not linked to weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure or wind direction, new research shows.

Predicting your lifespan

Eat well, exercise, and swear off vices and you'll be thankful in your golden years!

How to tackle midnight craving

Even the most sensible, in control, strong-willed among us has fallen prey to midnight snacking. Here are the most common three queries that come to me on hunger pangs at night. Let's analyse what leads to such melting moments, where self-control gives in, and how to tackle it the healthy way.


Has Facebook made you a narcissist?

Do your friends think you have turned into a narcissist or less empathic towards others in recent times? Check your Facebook obsession.

Evidence That Friends Really Are The Family We Choose

Sister from another mister. Brother from another mother. The family you choose. When it comes to describing your friends, those turns of phrase may be a lot more accurate than you think.

Misconception about "Roza" and some Refute

Fasting on Ramadan? Do we have any misconception? Seriously do you think who made us, Almighty really wants us to be sick for doing "Roza"? Moreover, other religions; What they really think about our fasting "Roza"? How much difference in between their ritual 'Upavāsa' and our 'Roza'?

Know about Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan

The word taraweeh comes from an Arabic word which means to rest and relax. The prayer can be very long. After each four cycles, one sits for a brief period of rest before continuing -- this is where the name taraweeh ("rest prayer") comes from.

"Roza": Several Mistakes and Some Facts

"Roza" or "Siam" prescribed by Allaah. Almighty alone is the One Who issues rulings, and He is the one and only perfectionist. We do Roza but do we know what mistakes can lessen our all day long try of doing it. Here are some common mistakes we do on Roza.

Be a Mystery Lady for Him

When you fall in love with a guy or you simply like him, it is important to behave properly in order to attract his attention. We all know that men are interested in those women who are always mysterious and unpredictable.

"Undress Me", sequel to "First Kiss" raging storm on YouTube again

Undressing someone for the first time can be a little awkward - best case scenario, it's adorably so.


World Cup with Sugarloaf Mountain! Wanna go there?

If you are a tourism freak with WC excitement, then you are into the right place. All the tourists and football fans touring Rio de Janeiro invade the Copacabana beach but to discover the real beauty of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, all and sundry rush to Sugarloaf Mountain and acknowledge it as the best.

‘Endangered Lives’: An Underwater Photo Exhibition

Marine conservation initiative Save Our Sea (SOS) and Bangladesh Poribes Andolon (BAPA) are jointly organizing the awareness event on the occasion of UN declared International Day for Biological Diversity 2014.

Quality of education got better: Nahid

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid has said that quality of education has improved because of right steps taken by the government. “Our main challenge has been to enhance quality of education. It is improving every year,” Nahid remarked while speaking at a news conference at his ministry on Saturday afternoon.

National Human Rights Commission asks for committee

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has requested the home ministry to form a three-member committee in the next 24 hours with a retired judge as its head to investigate the seven-murder in Narayanganj.