OP-ED: Valuing humans and their security

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Most of us don’t feel physically safe in this country
When I first visited England, I was greatly impressed by one of the aspects of their life. I had noticed, in my first few days of landing there, that a wheelchair-rider, sitting on his/her chair, could travel from one corner of the country to another, absolutely, without facing any obstacle.

The entire transport system as well as the architecture are designed in such a fashion that even a physically challenged person doesn’t face any problem in commuting.

My conclusion was that no one was physically unsafe in that country.

Now, if I try to read their minds, I realize that someone, or a few minds, must have thought about it -- to make their land safe for the citizens. And they must have had a plan to implement. And they did.

Naturally, I thought about my own country and the state of humans’ physical security and safety. My heart bleeds when I think about the condition that we live in here. The physical security of the people, perhaps, is the last subject on our minds.

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