ED: Ensuring water security in a post-Covid world

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Ensuring water security will require global cooperation
It is terribly frustrating that while on the one hand, Bangladesh gets high amounts of rainfall -- flooding villages and water-logging cities -- on the other hand, we still suffer from a shortage of clean, drinking water in many areas of the country. Our water crisis is something that needs to be solved, particularly in a post-pandemic area, where so many sectors have taken a huge blow. For obvious reasons, ensuring enough water is not an area in which we can compromise. Water is, after all, a basic right.

To that end, it is good to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina put forward a five-point proposal in order to raise international awareness on water-related challenges. Though water-related problems have always plagued Bangladesh, new and innovative solutions are obviously needed at a time Covid-19 has created tremendous disruptions in the economy and in our development plans.

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