ED: Securing our cyberspace

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In today’s tech-based world, everything is online, and a security breach could prove to be catastrophic
The Digital Bangladesh vision has become a cornerstone in our development journey, one that has helped us to set goals and achieve them, and one that will continue to be more and more relevant as Bangladesh takes the next logical steps in its short-term and long-term economic plans.

To that end, as the country becomes more digital, it is important that our cyber-space is not compromised, and that we re-main alert and ready should any nefarious parties decide to try and take advantage through cyber threats and attack.

Worryingly, that is precisely what has happened; as reported by BGD e-GOV CIRT, the e-Government computer incident response team and Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), over 200 organizations in Bangladesh were hit by cyber attacks, which are being attributed to an international hacker group, reportedly based out of China.

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