ED: Working towards a shared goal

ঢাকা ট্রিবিউন সম্পাদকীয় প্রকাশিত: ২৩ মার্চ ২০২১, ০৬:৩৪

At this moment, Bangladesh has a lot on its plate. Certainly, there is a tremendous amount to celebrate, as we gear up for this country’s 50-year anniversary of independence. But there is still a long way to go, and with the Covid-19 pandemic still raging, much is still up in the air. This is, then, a time for careful reflection about how we want to achieve our development goals in the days to come.

Non-governmental organizations, commonly referred to as NGOs, have been pivotal in helping push Bangladesh forward from the very beginning. Our development journey is not for the government alone -- the wonderful work that our NGOs so far have done cannot be denied. NGOs can sometimes reach areas and people in a swift manner that government officials, bogged down by bureaucracy, often cannot. The NGOs in the country should, moving forward, be allowed to do their jobs free from restriction, for the good of all.
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