Bangladesh Bank

Avoid fund mismatch thru’ raising borrowers’ equity: BB

Bangladesh Bank has advised the commercial banks to avoid fund mismatch through enhancing borrowers' equity or accessing foreign funds for long-term financing.

Changing the banking landscape

Major changes are underway, Bangladesh Bank launched the Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network , which has started to transform the payment and collection landscape of the country.

Lending rate still high, deposit rate comes down

The banks are still charging high interest on credit, although most of them have reduced their interest rate on deposit, ending the rat race for accumulating funds that began on July 1.

Doubt shadows BB policy targets, governor plays down worries

Economists yesterday said the central bank might not achieve its monetary policy targets for the current fiscal year due to the government's bank borrowing and politicised boards of state banks.

No to new banks

Entry of new banks will create an unhealthy competition in the industry, said former governor of the Bangladesh Bank.

Central bank under political pressure

Bangladesh Bank has been under pressure from politicians to give approval for at least 15 new banks, finance ministry officials say.

BB unvails monetary policy for July-Dec period, aiming to contain inflation, Credit growth

The central bank aims to cut credit growth in the private sector to 18 percent by June 30 from 25.5 percent and to rein in inflation, a monetary policy statement of the bank said.

Politicians are the only Critics of microcredit, not subscribers: Atiur

BB Governor Dr Atiur Rahman Says, "Politicians and Social workers are the only critics of microcredit, not the subscribers" at a dialogue with economics experts.

BB asks NBFIs to double their paid-up capital to Tk 100 cr by June

The Bangladesh Bank has asked the non-banking financial institutions to double their paid-up capital Tk 100 crore by June 30 next year to help consolidate their capital base for minimising risks.

Most banks cut deposit rates and hike interest rates for consumer loans

Most commercial banks slashed deposit rates this month simultaneously hiking their lending rates for consumer loans, officials said.

Merchant banks are too busy in lending, avoids discretionary portfolio management

Merchant banks' role in the recent stock crash needs reassessment in the light of the jobs done by similar financial institutions in the developed markets, experts suggested.

BB plans easy access to bank loans for entrepreneurs in IT: Dr Atiur

Bangladesh Bank Governor Dr Atiur Rahman today said the central bank is contemplating easy access to bank loans for creative entrepreneurs in the IT and renewable energy sectors.

Bangladesh Bank board opposes plan to open new banks

The board of directors of the central bank has opposed a government plan to allow more banks and financial institutions to come on the scene, saying the country does not require any new player in its financial regime.

BB opens up online money transfer, partly

The central bank has partly freed up foreign exchange transactions by approving online transfer of funds for academic purposes by credit card.

PCBs advised to help rescue sick industries

Bangladesh Bank (BB) today advised all private commercial banks (PCBs) to allow sick industries in apparel sector reschedule their outstanding loans with an 8 percent down payment.

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