Mahbub-ul-Alam Hanif

Awami League welcome BNP’s peaceful programme

Awami League central leaders hailed the main opposition BNP for choosing peaceful programmes like mass hunger strike instead of action programmes like hartal.

AL to stand by govt to face BNP, if needed: Hanif

Top Awami League leaders on Monday questioned the credibility and the basis of the demand for mid-term polls by the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

No need of CG system: Hanif

Mahbubul Alam Hanif Wednesday categorically said there is no need of caretaker-government system.

It’s not a child’s candy, says Hanif

"It's not a child's candy that they would get it on demand." said AL joint secretary Mahbub-Ul-Alam Hanif opposing the demand for midterm elections raised by the BNP.

BNP commits contempt of constitution demanding constituent assembly: AL

The ruling Awami League charged opposition BNP with “contempt of constitution” for demanding the formation of constituent assembly by dissolving the elected parliament.

2 crore women pushed towards suicide

Yunus was never of any help for the countrymen. He always worked for protecting the interest of the foreign capitalists.

Yunus should return Nobel Prize: Hanif

An Awami League leader has said Muhammad Yunus should return his Nobel Prize for 'seeking apology to the nation for evading tax'.

Hanif raises question about Dr Yunus’ citizenship

Awami League joint general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif raised question as to which country’s citizenship Dr Muhammad Yunus.

US interference unacceptable: Hanif

The day US assistant secretary of state insisted on a compromise formula on Yunus issue, an Awami League leader says foreign interference is not acceptable in the matter.

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