213 employees sacked in GP

Some 213 employees of Grameenphone (GP), a leading mobile-phone operator of the country, were sacked Wednesday so far in the ongoing retrenchment process.

The termination letters were sent through e-mail after 11:00pm on Tuesday. The terminated employees were not allowed to enter the office on Wednesday morning.

The en masse termination was conducted targeting Grameenphone Employees Association leaders who led the movement against the retrenchment process.

Confirming of his termination, Employees Association President Omar Faruq told banglanews that he also received an e-mail containing termination letter.
None of the terminated employees could enter the office as their code deleted from access control, he added.

On July 23, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Grameenphone Tore Jonhson categorically said no demand of the protesting officials and employees would be met.

Earlier in the morning, the officials and employees besieged Tore Johnson at his office room demanding their 6-point demand, including protest of retrenchment process.

After one-hour besiege programme, Tore Johnson agreed to talk with them although he said no to them.
Later during 20 minutes long meeting with the officials, Tore Jonhson said no demand would be met.
Tore Johnson said, “The parliamentary committee on Labour and Employment Ministry has no jurisdiction to interfere any matter of GP as we are doing everything lawfully.”

Over 300 employees of county’s mobile giant Grameenphone (GP) have lost their job so far in the ongoing retrenchment process.

At least 50 employees faced the termination measure in the name of job saving ‘examination’.
On July 18, parliamentary standing committee on Labor and employment affairs ministry blamed GP for their involvement in an unfair labour practice.

Bangladesh Tele Communication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) asked Grameenphone to stop the retrenchment process.

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