3G draft guideline to be unveiled on website

The authority posts and telecommunications ministry of is going to unveil the draft guideline of Third Generation or "3G" mobile services on its website this month for opinion in a bid to complete its auction by this year.

A source of the ministry concern informed the guideline will be posted on the ministry`s website in order to allow the stakeholders giving their opinion before taking any final decision in this regard.

As per the source, the government is set to complete the auction by the end of the year.

State-owned mobile operator Teletalk is expected to launch the 3G services in September this year as per the decision of government. It has already started its work to launch the service as it will go for trial operation on August, said source.

On May 3, 2011, the government approved `3G Technology and 2.5G Network Expansion Project’ to provide modern facility to Teletalk users by introducing the state-of-the-art technology and extending the existing 2G networks by 2012.

In this regard, the government aims to initiate a “3G Technology Introduction and 2G Network Extension Project” at a cost of TK 1901 crore comprising TK 1477 crore foreign aid and TK 424 crore Teletalk fund, said a planning commission source.

After completion of the project, Teletalk would provide 3G services to 17 lakh 18 thousand users and better-quality services to 47 lakh GSM users.

By installing the 3G technology, the mobile user would enjoy the Real-Time Video Calling, Live Mobile TV, High-Speed Download, HD gaming, e-education, public health, tele-medicine and e-shopping.

Presently Teletalk provides e-result, e-admission, e-health and public awareness for its subscribers. Teletalk started its operations in 2004 and presently it has a total of 17 lakh 18 thousand users.

At present five mobile operators are using GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) technology and Citycell is using CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology to conduct their operations in the country.

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