Proposed Online Mass Media Policy:"Not online friendly", Editors

Terming the proposed draft policy ‘non-friendly’ to online media, Editors of the country’s online media houses Saturday said the policy would hinder the journey of building ‘Digital Bangladesh’.

Not a single country of the world has a separate online media policy, they added.

They came up with the observations while attending a discussion of Editors of leading online Media houses of the country at National Press Club on Saturday morning.

A policy is definitely needed, but that should be made to help the new media flourish, not to control it, the speakers opined.

While sharing his observation, Editor in Chief Alamgir Hossain said, “The draft policy is not online Media-friendly as it could create obstacles on the way to digital Bangladesh.”

Mentioning that there is no need to set up separate policy for online, he said, “It is illogical to form a monitoring committee for online Media as there is no such committee to monitor print Media.”

“The government does not publish any advertisement on online. But, they should take policy how to help online by publishing govt’s advertisements,” he added.

Editor of Sardar Farid Ahmed said, “The proposed policy has been drafted on the basis of community radio policy, so many things remain unchanged and definitely those are not applicable to online policy.”

Mentioning about the new information minister Hasanul Huq Inu, he said, the new minister is technology-friendly and we can hope that he will not approve any draft policy that will affect the future of online Media.” Head of News Mahmood Menon said, “The government is thinking about the policy in order to prevent some illogical approaches. But, it should not create such policy that could stop the progress of online Media, which is the most popular and easy access media of the present and upcoming time.” Chief of Correspondent Ahmed Raju said, “The draft policy did not mention anything about the online version of Newspapers. But, they are also running their online version and earning on it.”

News Editor of The Editor Mahmudur Rahman said, “Online News sites should not re-registered themselves in exchange of Tk. five lakh as top online news portals have already got registered from joint stock and have trade license.”

Head of News of ANBnews24 Rahman Mustafiz informed that the new information minister asked him to submit an alternative draft policy over consulting with online experts, including banglanews Editor in Chief Alamgir Hossain.

Among others, PTB News Editor Ashish Kumar Dey, Chief editor of Soumitra Dev, DhakaNews24 Editor Kudrat-e-Mouloa, Special Correspondent Jewel Islam, businesstimes24 Editor PA Munir, Deputy Editor of Dhakatimes24 Ziauddin Saimum expressed their opinions on the discussion.

Later all were urged to give their opinion on online policy to [email protected] to help finagling a position paper for sending to the concerned authority before finalization of the draft.

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