Computer network: police hopeful of meeting third deadline

Police hoped to complete the work on bringing police stations of 16 districts from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar under intra-computer network soon, although it had failed to meet two deadlines.

"Some 105 police stations of 16 districts will be brought under intra-computer network soon, as most of the work on it is almost complete," a high official familiar with the process told BSS today.

Three committees have already been formed for quick completion of the unfinished tasks as well as review of the work, which have already been completed, he said.

With completion of intra-computer network within the police stations, all activities including filing of cases, general diaries, keeping records and sharing all sorts of communication among the police stations will be conducted through computers.

A central server from the Police headquarters will monitor day-to- day activities of the police stations.

A number of base stations have already been installed in the 16 districts for this purpose and work on setting up some more base stations are going on in full swing.

As part of computerization of police, all the police stations across the country, in phases, will be brought under the network.

Police launched the project titled: Computerisation of Police
Stations" at a cost over Taka 29.80 crore in 2009, in line with
the government's election pledge to build a 'Digital Bangladesh.
Police stations of 25 districts of Khulna-Barisal belt will be
brought under project.

The project was funded by Japanese Debt Cancellation Fund (JDCF). Each of the 105 police stations has already been provided with two computers and some of them have been given Internet connection.

Activities of the police stations will expedite by many folds
after getting access of computer and Internet. Database of criminals of respective police stations will also be prepared using the modern technology.

All the police stations having the accesses will be linked with a central server, as each of the police stations can communicate easily with any police stations.

Police verification process will be easier after introduction of the intra-computer network within the police stations.

People can get police verification certificates for getting
passport, government and non-government jobs and for others within quickest possible time and hassle for getting the certificate will be reduced by many folds.

Nowadays, police have to send letters to different police stations to cross-check the information about a police verification certificate seeker, which is time-consuming.

As part of the computerization of police, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) on March 3, 2010 introduced on-line general diary filing service for the city dwellers.