Arijit Singh has gone way ahead of me; he is not competition, says Shaan

Singer Arijit Singh has become an indomitable force in Bollywood today. The singer is on the wishlist of every music director and actor (probably, except for Salman Khan LINK SONUP’S PREVIOUS STORY HERE) today. While most of his songs have been chartbusters, his rising popularity seems to have put older, established singers on the backfoot, a fact singer Shaan almost acknowledged in the backdrop of a Mumbai event.

At the music launch of T-series single ‘Tum Ho Toh Lagta Hai’, when quizzed about the reason behind singing less Bollywood numbers and if it had anything to do with the competition offered by Arijit, Shaan told, “Arijit Singh has gone way ahead. I wouldn’t call him competition at all. He is doing very well. I am happy when a good talent goes ahead and people like him. This is good for music, it is good for all of us.”

Addressing our query of doing less playback singing, Shaan said, “It’s not that I have become choosy or I am not interested in playback singing but things change with time. There was a time when there were a lot of established singers and all of a sudden audience demand a change. New voices and new trends emerge. I am happy that I have been in this industry for the last 20 years.”

source:Indian Express