JP embarrassed on Selim Osman

Jatiya Party today expressed the party's embarrassment for their local lawmaker AKM Selim Osman over the recent incident of teacher's humiliation in Narayanganj.
'But the party has no decision to punish AKM Selim Osman over the incident,' Jatiya Party Co-Chairman GM Kader told Samakal when asked comments in this regard on Wednesday.
While talking to Samakal, GM Kader also said, 'If AKM Selim Osman is found guilty by the government probe body, we will decide in this connection later on.'
He also said, the party insiders were also embarrassed in the teacher's humiliation.
Refusing allegations brought against him, AKM Selim Osman, however, on Tuesday told Samakal, 'If am found guilty in the teacher's humiliation occurrence, I will admit my responsibility.'
'I have done all to save the teacher from the agitated locals in the area on the day,' he points.
Earlier yesterday (May 17), the management committee of the Piyar Sattar Latif High School of Narayanganj's Bandar upazila has suspended Shyamal Kanti Bhakta, the headteacher of the school, who was humiliated publicly in presence of the local lawmaker recently.
Shyamal Kanti Bhakta, however, received the suspension letter in the same day.
According to the letter, a total of four allegations have been brought against him while he was performing his duty in the school.
The allegations, in accordance with the letter, are- physical torture to students, enjoying leave without permission, being late to office, corruption in teachers’ appointment and hurting religious sentiments.
'He acted those of the 'illegal' activities in the schools and was alerted in separate times but was no means,' the letter reads.
On May 13 (Friday), Shyamal Kanti Bhakta was beaten up by local people and made to do sit-ups holding his ears in presence of local Jatiya Party lawmaker AKM Selim Osman as he allegedly hurt the religious sentiments making some derogatory comments.