Banani rape accused Nayem Ashraf arrested in Munshiganj

Police arrested Nayem Ashraf, one of the key accused of Banani twin rape case, in Louhajang upazila of Munshiganj this evening.

A team from the police headquarters conducted a drive there and arrested Nayem, Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Md Asaduzzaman Mia told.

Nayem alias Hasan Muhammad Halim is a friend of the prime accused Ahmed Shafat, who was arrested in Sylhet along with another accused Sadman Sakif on Thursday.

Meanwhile, law enforcer arrested two others of the five accused –  Shafat’s  bodyguard Rahmat Ali and driver Billal Hossain – in two places of the capital on Monday.


Invited to Shafat's birthday party on March 28, the two girls went to The Raintree Dhaka hotel in Banani around 9:00pm. After the party ended around midnight, Shafat and Nayem raped them in two rooms, alleged one of the two girls who filed the case.

The driver filmed the rape, the bodyguard intimidated the victims while Sakif refrained from informing the hotel authorities about the incident that night, she alleged, adding all the five accused were drunk at that time.

The plaintiff did not mention the name of the bodyguard in the case. Later, Shafat's family said his name was Azad.

According to the victims, the driver and the bodyguard took the girls to the hotel that night from their homes. After the rapes, the bodyguard also went to the girls' homes on several occasions in a bid to keep an eye on them.

source: Daily star