Monolithic power makes PM ‘dictator’, says BNP chief Khaleda

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia today said the monolithic executive authority of the prime minister has created an authoritarian dictatorship with a parliamentary facade.

She said this while briefing media to unveil her “Vision 2030” at the Westin hotel in Dhaka this afternoon. BNP’s “Vision 2030” is a forerunner to its electoral manifesto for the next general election due in early 2019.

The experience of the recent times made the people of the country deeply realised the monolithic executive authority of the prime minister that has created "an authoritarian dictatorship with a parliamentary facade", she said.

“In order to bring an end to this situation, the executive powers of the republic shall be balanced through appropriate constitutional amendment,” Khaleda said.

The former premier also said as a part of the reform of the current constitutional arrangement, it will be examined if upper house of the Jatiya Sangsad may be established keeping the existing unitary character and structure of the constitution intact. 

"BNP shall restore the provision or referendum in the constitution to reinstate the democratic right of the people," she told reporters.

She added that the Jatiya Sangsad would be transformed into the centre point of all national issues and those will be shared with the opposition parties.

"To ensure democracy, good governance and economic transparency, BNP shall cleanse all constitutional and statuary bodies of the filth of vested interest and party-philia through adopting all legal and procedural measure to enhance efficiency and restore confidence in these bodies."

Khaleda proposed that the office and position of the ombudsmen shall be created as per the constitution in order to ensure administrative accountability and transparency.

Special power act 1974 shall be repealed if BNP is voted to power, she said.

Bangladesh to be high-middle income country by 2030

“BNP wants to transform Bangladesh by 2030 into a modern and democratic high-middle income country,” Khaleda said.

She also said that per capita income shall be upgraded to US$5,000 by this period.

“In order to achieve this goal, BNP shall adopt a creative and intelligent initiative to boost annual growth rate to a double-digit figure,” she said.

The press conference began around 4:55pm and ended around 6:50pm.

The ‘Vision 2030’ features 256 points under 37 sections including democracy, nation-building,  good governance, defence, foreign policy, moral rearmament, service delivery, social safety network, Liberation War, terrorism, extremism and militancy, economy and development, media and freedom of expression, ICT and local government.

source: Daily star