The support of my countrymen gives me energy, says Rashid Khan

Afghanistan’s leg-spinning sensation Rashid Khan has taken the IPL by storm with his bowling. On Friday, he stated that the support of the people back home gives him energy to perform better in the IPL. 

“The whole of Afghanistan is watching this league. The way they are supporting us both, me and (Mohammed) Nabi, it is just amazing. The prayers of our people back home help me and whenever we have a game, they all pray for us,” Rashid told reporters last night after the match and added “It means a lot to them because coming to this stage and performing here is a very positive message for the people of Afghanistan.” “Their back up, their support really helps me and gives me energy,” he said.

Rashid has been impressive with the ball so far in the tournament and this has also inspired many of the younger generation back home. In a message to them he said, “To work hard, do your best and you will achieve for which you have set your foot for. It is my message for youngsters of Afghanistan to work hard. It does not matter whether you are from Associate or other team, just do your best, you will get your achievements.”

Speaking about the experience of the IPL so far, Rashid said, “Actually, most of the pitches in Asia, they are good for spinners. I have been working a lot with my coaches, especially Muttiah Muralitharan, he is the best spinner in the world. He has been helping and giving me all the confidence to just go out there and give my best.”

Asked how much of the experience gained in IPL will help him in Test and one-dayers, Rashid said, “It makes a big difference. Playing in IPL alongside some of the big names and big coaches and getting their experience will help me a lot. I am just trying my best to get their experiences to do my best. In future, I will work hard for longer format games. Mentally I am preparing myself for that.”

“I am trying my best to do 100 per cent and follow what the team requirement is,” he said.

source: Indianexpress