Will accept my son, not Apu: Shakib Khan

Alleging that Apu Biswas is trying to destroy his career, popular Bangla film actor Shakib Khan today said he will take responsibility of their son.

“I will accept my son, not Apu,” Shakib Khan told The Daily Star while reacting on the disclosure of their marriage and parenthood at a private television channel by film actress Apu today.

Shakib, the highest-paid Bangla film star of the present time, also alleged that Apu is conspiring to destroy his career.

Earlier, at an exclusive live interview with the private television channel, Apu disclosed that she was married to Shakib in 2008 and they have a child.

Their wedding took place at Shakib’s Gulshan residence in Dhaka, Apu said.

Their son, named Abraham Khan Joy, was born on September 27, 2016 at a Kolkata clinic, she added.

Apu took her name as Apu Islam Khan after marriage, she said.

She, in tears, alleged that Shakib made her keep the information of their marriage and son secret for a long time.

“I demanded respect from him, but didn’t get it… I have been made a sufferer for long,” said Apu.

She hid from public for nearly 10 months after getting pregnant. She claimed that she did so for the sake of Shakib’s career.

“He deceived me at every moment. He asked me to keep our marriage a secret. Even before my shooting for a new movie, I went outside the country during pregnancy as per his instruction,” Apu alleged.

She wanted to boost and support Shakib’s career without thinking of her own. “But I didn’t want to be belittled.”   

“Shakib first came to see his son two months later after I returned to Bangladesh with my son,” said Apu.

Apu entered film industry in 2006, and started working with Shakib Khan through Koti Takar Kabin that brought her great popularity among the movie-goers.

source: Daily star