RAMADAN PRICE: Beef 40 times costlier than paddy

The latest price of beef set by Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) for the month of Ramadan has made it about 40 times costlier than paddy. 

According to the new price list, one kilogramme of beef is to be sold at Tk420 while a maund (40kg) of paddy costs Tk380-400. 

Also, the price of one kilogramme of buffalo meat was set at Tk400, one kilogramme of mutton at Tk570 and one kilogramme of lamb at Tk470.

The decision on prices was made at a meeting with meat traders in the presence of DSCC Mayor Sayeed Khokon at the DSCC office yesterday. 

The mayor said the newly set prices would be in effect from the first day of Ramadan till the 26th day. 

He also urged meat traders to maintain standards of red meat.

DSCC Public Relations Officer Uttam Kumar told the Dhaka Tribune the meeting decided that 200 grammes of bone can be included in one kilogramme of meat but the quality of meat should be ensured.

Robiul Alam, secretary general of Bangladesh Meat Merchants Association, told the Dhaka Tribune the new prices would be followed across the country.

“Any trader found guilty of charging consumers higher prices will face punishment to be meted out by mobile courts,” he said.   

In 2015, the price of beef was Tk360 per Kg, up from Tk280 a year before, and mutton Tk600 per Kg, up from Tk260 over the same period.

In 2013, beef was sold at Tk275 per Kg and mutton Tk260 per Kg.

Prices of daily essentials usually shoot up ahead of Ramadan and various measures are taken by the authorities to check price increases.