Banani police panic?

Police claim no shots were fired

Social media was in uproar Thursday afternoon over an electric mishap in Banani that was blown out of proportion.

Loud cracks were heard around 1:30pm in Banani road no 7 near the police station. According to the residents, the noise was similar to gunshots, which brought out a throng of police, RAB, and other law enforcement agencies to the area.

Locals claimed police also fired gunshots when the noise continued.

Banani police station Officer-in-Charge (Investigation) Waheduzzaman denied the police was involved in any shooting.

He said: “A power transformer blew out on Banani road no 7. There was a loud bang, and the crackling was from the live wires. The electric sparks were misconstrued by people as gunshots.

“We cordoned off the area for people’s safety, but it is nothing like what people is making it out to be.” he added.

However, social media users claimed Banani road no 11 was buzzing with police, RAB and APBn officials.

The incident, despite its contentiousness, took place while law enforcement agencies are raiding two militant raids in the country, and several other raids over the past month including a number of militant attacks.

source: Dhakatribune