Illegals given 90 days to leave Saudi Arabia

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif urged violators to make use of this opportunity at a press conference marking the inauguration of the campaign. 

Saudi Arabia is re-launching the campaign “A Nation without Violations”, giving residency (iqama) and labour law violators 90 days to leave the country without penalties, reports the Arab News.

The program, which was launched once before three years ago, will be effective again starting March 29. Over two million violators were deported without penalty last time the program was in effect.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif, who is deputy prime minister as well as interior  minister, urged violators to make use of this opportunity at a press conference on Sunday marking the inauguration of the campaign.

He directed authorities to facilitate procedures for people who wish to use the amnesty to leave the country within the specified period and exempt them from penalties.

Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Mansour Al-Turki said that the program covers those who overstayed their Haj or Umrah visit, or any other type of visa.

He also insisted that citizens and residents should report violators of residency and labour laws, and not try to employ them or cover up for them.
Violators with no residence or work permits who entered the country illegally will be issued temporary travel permits while the Ministry works on finalising the procedures for their departure.

Al-Turki said residents with no identity cards or who overstayed their Haj visa must visit the nearest Passport Department to complete the procedures.

source: Dhakatribune