PM seeks Awami League’s re-election for continuation of development

'I’ll sacrifice my life like my father to free the country from hunger and poverty'

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday again urged the country’s people to cast their votes in favour of Awami League and its symbol “Boat” in all the future elections for the continuation of development activities.

“Awami League means development, so you please keep your trust in Awami League the way you cast your votes in 2008 and 2014 elections. Please vote for the ‘Boat’ symbol in the all upcoming elections to give us the scope of serving you,” she said.

The prime minister was speaking at a mammoth rally at Lakshmipur Stadium held with district Awami League President Alhaj Golam Faruk Pinku in the chair.

Hasina said Awami League always wants the country to move ahead. “Insha Allah, we’ll do that… we’ll build Bangladesh with the spirit of the Liberation War,” she said.

She said the aim of the Awami League government is to develop the country whereby it has taken numerous projects for the balanced development. “We work for people’s welfare and whenever AL comes to power it takes the opportunity to give something to people.”

“I want to tell you very clearly that I have nothing of my own as I’ve lost everything. Losing everything, I’ve come to you, the people of this Bengal and I’ve got the touch of lost affection of my parents and brothers. I’ve sacrificed my life only for you,” the prime minister said.

Noting that she has dedicated her life to people’s welfare, she said, “If necessary, I’ll sacrifice my life like my father to free the country from hunger and poverty.”

Coming down hard on BNP, Hasina said whenever BNP comes to power they give a rise to militancy, carry out killings and indulge in corruption and looting.

She also said BNP had established a reign of terror in Lakshmipur during their regime.

The prime minister said BNP also resorts to killing, torture while in the opposition.

She said BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, staying in her Gulshan office, had ordered her party activists to practice the politics of destruction. “And her notorious son staying abroad gave orders to his cadres to kill and torture people and carry out arson attacks.”

Claiming that BNP never believes in religion, Sheikh Hasina said: “Or else, they would not have burned hundreds of holy Qurans in front of Baitul Mukarram.”

She also urged the Islamic scholars, parents and teachers to look after their children so that the country’s young generation does not resort to the wrong path of militancy. “Islam is the religion of peace. It never allows the killing. Whoever kills innocent people will never be in the heaven, only hell will be their destination,” she said.

Observing that she knows every nook and cranny of the country and its people, the prime minister said she has been working to develop the country and her party has proved that progress and advancement could be made if there is a will.

She urged people to create mass awareness against the social menaces like militancy.

In her speech, Hasina elaborated various steps of her government for the development of education, health, communication, ICT and other sectors.

Earlier, arriving at the stadium the prime minister inaugurated 10 development projects and laid foundation stones of 20 others.

source: Dhakatribune