Hasan: AL rejects US State Deparment’s report, Muhith’s comments

According to Hasan, the country's overall human rights situation is much better than that of the US.

Awami League Publicity Secretary Hasan Mahamud said Awami League rejects the US State Department’s report on the human rights situation in Bangladesh.

The publicity secretary made these observations at a press briefing held at the President’s party office on Sunday.

The US State Department’s report titled “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2016,” states that there has been an increase in extrajudicial killings in Bangladesh, as well as in illegal detainment, enforced disappearance, torture and harassment of workers.

According to Hasan, the country’s overall human rights situation is much better than that of the US.

Hasan said: “The US security forces kill as many as 1100 people every year – most of their victims are from Black, Hispanic, or religious minority communities.”

“When terrorist incidents take place in their country, like with the Boston Marathon bombings, their security forces usually shoot and kill the alleged attackers. Our security forces at least try to arrest and bring the militants to book. Our law enforcers retaliate only when the militants launch attacks on them. And in spite of that, Bangladesh has a greater success rate in fighting militants than the US.”

“Black people still have to fight for the equality there; this says a lot about their human rights situation,” he added.

He also echoed the prime minister’s criticism of the finance minister’s recent remark about the role of micro-credit in terms of poverty alleviation.

He said it was not the micro-credit programme, but rather the policies and programmes adopted by the Awami League government which helped to reduce poverty in the country.

“Micro-credit provides loans at uneven interest rates, but the government launched micro-grant programme boosts the initiatives and the capacities of the rural poor,” he added.

He said the FM’s remark was his personal opinion and would probably change again, since he was well known as being indecisive.

Hasan added that the Awami League would not ask the finance minister to take back his comments because they believe in promoting freedom of expression.

However, he made it clear that the party in no way agreed with the minister’s remarks.

source: Dhakatribune