Google Street View gaffes: The hanging man of Banani

Google Street View of Banani Road 27


Google Street View, a strict adherent of policies, can be used to virtually roam through neighbourhoods all over the world.

Google blurs the faces of everyone visible on its Street View, adhering to a strict policy which it has never wavered from.

However, one may often stumble upon unexpected sights on Google Street View, especially on Banani Road 27, i.e. the graveyard road.

About 40ft into the road from the Airport Road, with the graveyard on the left, a man’s body hanging from a tree comes into view.

At first glance, it appears that Google has captured the image of a man apparently committing suicide. A second look dispels the notion, revealing the apparition to be an effigy.

The Street View image is dated 2013, but it does little to take away from the many questions raised.

How could Google keep something which evokes human morbidity on its Street View when it blurs out every face?

Secondly, why was the effigy there?

Could the hanging effigy jolt drivers on the street and prompt many to reassure themselves by gently spitting upon their chests.

Was it an effigy of Monem Khan, the former governor of East Pakistan whose recently-demolished house is just 20-feet away? Or was it an effigy of any average war criminal from the Liberation War?

There are no reported incidents of cars crashing into each other because the drivers were transfixed by the human-esque figure swinging from the branches. However, inquiries into the matter has revealed that a number of people did brake suddenly, bringing their cars to a screeching halt and pausing to swear before they drove off.

source: Dhakatribune