Muhith: BNP will take part in the next elections

The finance minister said the government has made some positive changes towards strengthening the electoral system

Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith on Monday said the Bangladesh Nationalist Party would not repeat the same mistake of boycotting the national election.

“BNP will take part in the next election and not repeat the same mistake again,” Muhith said, adding that the government has made some positive changes towards strengthening the electoral system which promises credibility and fairness in the upcoming polls.

The finance minister made the remark while speaking as the chief guest in a commemoration for veteran parliamentarian Suranjit Sengupta organised by Sunamganj Samity at Shawkat Osman Auditorium on Monday evening.

Muhith said: “Suranjit’s potential and capabilities were rightly recognised by the Father of the Nation. He became an expert of the constitution and parliamentary processes within a short time by dint of his own persistence and efforts, in which case, the patronage of Bangabandhu played an influential role.

“He was a parliamentarian personified.”

In his speech, he also expressed concern about the decrease in the numbers of different minority communities in the demographic of the country and for that he blamed the negligence towards them.

He urged everyone to maintain respect for people of different communities.

At the programme, Cultural Affairs Minister Asaduzzaman Noor said: “Today, when the government has declared its firm stance against militancy and communalism, a void of a voice like that of Suranjit Sengupta is felt the most as only people like him could unite the people against the communalists.

“Suranjit was a free thinking man and raised required questions that could pave way for the right path.”

The commemoration was also addressed by the late Suranjit Sengupta’s wife Jaya Sengupta, who said Suranjit loved the country very much and believed that for the betterment of the country it was important to point out what is wrong so that things can be corrected.

He did it throughout his life, she added.

Muhibur Rahman Manik, a lifelong political companion of Suranjit, said: “Suranjit was not only loved by the people of the constituencies he represented but also by everyone in the country.”

Manik said: “It is a wide misconception about him that he was elected seven times as MP, basically he was elected eight times, including the parliament that was dissolved by a military autocrat in 1979.

“He had always been close to Awami League despite his affiliations with NAP, Ekta and Ganatantri Party at different times. He has always struggled for an anti-communal Bangladesh and the people’s democratic right.”

source: Dhakatribune