Mohakhali Saat Tola slum dwellers stage demo over water crisis

Half of the slum families do not have the legal access to the water lines of Dhaka Wasa

Dwellers of Saat Tola slum in Mohakhali have staged a demo in front of Dhaka Wasa’s zonal office Mods Zone 5 demanding immediate solution to the ongoing water crisis in the slum area.

Hundreds of slum people led by Saat Tola slum Central CBO President Selina Begum hold the demo in front of the Wasa office around 11am on Sunday.

A 10-member delegate of the slum people submitted a memorandum to the concerned officials of Wasa Mods Zone 5, said Chief Engineer of Dhaka Wasa Mods Zone 5 Israfil Hossain Akondo.

The officials assured the protesters to resolve the problem by next Sunday, he added.

Selina Begum claimed that some 10,700 families had been dwelling in Saat Tola slum among which only 5,000 families have the legal access to the water lines of Dhaka Wasa.

Most of the slum families had been facing acute scarcity of pure drinking water, Selina added.

Earlier in last December, more than 100 shanties of Saat Tola slum were gutted in a devastating fire.

source: Dhakatribune