Tweets may predict your dieting success

Your tweets may accurately predict whether you will stick a diet, say scientists, including one of Indian origin, who have found that a person’s attitude on social media is directly linked to the likelihood of their dieting efforts succeeding.

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US have determined that dieting success – or failure – can be predicted with an accuracy rate of 77 per cent based on the sentiment of the words and phrases one uses on Twitter.

“We see that those who are more successful at sticking to their daily dieting goals express more positive sentiments and have a greater sense of achievement in their social interactions,” said lead researcher Munmun De Choudhury,
Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech. “They are focused on the future, generally more social and have larger social networks,” De Choudhury.

Words and phrases like “Train smart like a trainer… win like six time champion” and “If we never stumble we never
fall. If we never fall we never fail, and if we never fail we never grow!” are some examples of the upbeat and self-reflective language the research indicates is most common to successful dieters.

source: PTI