Obaidul denies slapping Tangail MP, discards as a rumour

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has denied assaulting Sanwar Hossain, an Awami League lawmaker from Tangail 5 constituency.

The minister claimed: “What is being spread on social media is nothing but rumour. I did not slap anyone.”

Obaidul Quader, also general secretary of the Awami League, said this at his Bangladesh Secretariat office in Dhaka on Sunday.

The ruling party’s second-in-command said: “Awami League is my family, and a lot happens in a family, all of which should not be news.

“Did the MP [Sanwar] accuse me of slapping him? If not, publishing it as a report in the media is an exaggeration.”

On Saturday, angered by absence of MP Sohel Hazari at Jamuna Resort in Tangail, Obaidul reportedly slapped another Tangail MP Sanwar Hossain across the face when he tried to defend Sohel.

The minister stopped at the resort around 10pm while returning to Dhaka after attending a programme in Rajshahi.

source: Dhaklatribune