Muhith and Mashiur under pressure

Finance Minister AMA Muhith and Prime Minister's Economic Affairs Advisor Mashiur Rahman are under pressure after a Canadian court threw out the Padma Bridge Scam Case for not having any credible evidence, according to sources.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina heavily criticised Muhith and Mashiur’s roles after the World Bank raised allegations of corruption in the Padma Bridge project, the sources said. On February 13, during a scheduled cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said: “There was no graft in the Padma Bridge project.

I challenged their allegation when they raised it. But the finance minister and my economic adviser asked me to expel one (former communications minister Syed Abul Hossain) and to send the other (the then communications secretary Mosharraf Hossain) to jail. And that’s how they added conditions, one after another.”

“When the allegations surfaced, the World Bank had not started financing yet. Then how did the corruption take place? I had to take a lot of decisions based on their (Muhith and Moshiur) suggestions. Expelling a minister and sending a secretary to jail was not the right way to go,” she added. The issue was raised again in a meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) on Tuesday noon.

“We did injustice to two innocent people. The incident tarnished their reputation,” the prime minister said. Muhith and Mashiur could not be reached for comments. The Toronto Star published a report on this on February 14, which says the Justice Ian Nordheimer of the Ontario Superior Court issued the verdict in last January though it prohibited publishing the verdict before February 10.

source: Daily star