How to Make Valentine’s Day Special on a Budget

It’s not the money that counts, but the feelings that matter… 

Well, it’s not the first time you may have heard this line, but it definitely hits hard amidst the craze to woo your lover. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Week and the pressure to get the perfect gift for him or her haunts most of us. In doing so, many of us end up drilling a huge hole in our pockets, don’t we?

Often while planning for a costly affair, we forget that remnants of our happy moments are never in the price tag but the sentiments attached to it. Money doesn’t buy love. So, why spend a fortune on special presents for your loved ones? If you didn’t know, being romantic can be quite economical too. All you need is to scratch your brain to come up with innovative ideas and put some effort to make it come true.

If you’re one of those who ends up losing all of their money to prove your love is true every V-Day, fret not! Instead of getting them the usual expensive stuff, buy them something that they would cherish for a lifetime. Scroll down to read about the coolest, cheapest and creative ideas to make sure you celebrate a good day with your lover.

Sweethearts on a budget, here’s the list that sums up all you need:


Not everyone loves flowers, but treacly desserts and chocolate bars can light up everyone’s day. Gift a box of sweet treats that your partner can relish for a long time. If you know how to cook, it gets better. Bake a cake or make handmade cookies and tarts for them. Munch on!


The best way to celebrate love is to dig deep in our hearts and express the feelings that we keep to ourselves. Friend or a lover, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to spill the secrets of your heart. Get down on your knees and say it out loud or jot it down and give out a handwritten card or letter if you haven’t said it yet.

Already in a relationship? Don’t discard this option as confessing that you still love him/her like when you first met can bring the spark alive. Your better half would love to hear the little things that you feel but never care to say. February 14 is the day to shoo away the bitter moments and say it all. To quirk it up, cork it down in a bottle and decorate it with sparkles, colourful stars and a red bow.


What’s the one thing that your better half wants you to do but you are too lazy to get it done? The day is here to put a checklist on that unfinished pile. Think of the things that could make him/her happy and get it done just the way he/she would like you to do it. If you’re single, make sure you do it for your family or friends.


Wrap a few bestselling novels together and gift it to your partner this Valentine’s Day if he or she is an avid reader. Not only would it make for a great gift, the stories might just take them into a whole new world and lift their spirits by giving them life lessons. If you feel it would still be an expensive episode, visit book stalls that lend books for rent or just check out that old cupboard full of books in your house.

If books are not what they crave for, pick their favourite movies and store all of it in a personalised DVD or a hard disk. Gift it to them and go on a movie splurge this Valentine’s Day.


Make a list of the little things that make your lover happy — a pen, a toffee, a tie, a muffler, a mug, a home-made dish, a TV show or movie that they adore or a game that they love to play. Write down little hints in chits along with a message to express what you feel about them and hide them in your house or at a place where you frequently meet. Let them have a little fun of their own by going for the treasure hunt. Make it a memorable day!


Pack a basket full of items for leisure and fun. From playing cards, badminton rackets to fruits, sandwiches, juice and chocolates — stuff it all in and go hobnobbing with your partner. Plan a picnic in the park, a candlelight dinner by the beach or just go for a long drive to the outskirts of the city and spend some quality time together this Valentine’s Day.


Time is money. Take the phrase literally and give them your time instead of spending money. You both have your own lives and sets of goals to accomplish. If that is keeping you apart, devote this day to celebrate togetherness on V-day. Just relax at home in each other’s arms or take a trip down memory lane and remember how you two stuck together through all the difficult times. Go for star gazing on your terrace or just a late-night walk with your loved one.


Stick pictures of the two of you together and write down about the time you spent together in a journal or a diary. Gift the special book to your better half on Valentine’s Day and watch as they fall on love with you all over again. If there’s no time to write it all in a diary, make a poster with pictures and sticky notes. Paste it on their wall with colourful balloons and see them gush with surprise.

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source: Indianexpress