‘Free, fair, neutral polls under current EC not possible’

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir yesterday said it is not possible for the newly formed Election Commission to hold the next general election freely, fairly and impartially.

He alleged that the chief election commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda as the deputy commissioner of Comilla was a co-organiser of Janatar Mancha, a platform that fanned movement against the then BNP government back in 1996.

Nurul Huda being linked to the organisation was a complete breach of government service rules, he said, adding, the CEC now may have personal grievance against BNP.

Fakhrul made the statements in a press briefing at the party chairperson’s Gulshan office on Tuesday night.

“Nurul Huda served as the managing director of Bangladesh Municipal Development Fund between 2010 and 2015 after being appointed by the Awami League government, which is only possible if somebody is loyal to the ruling party,” he said.

Fakhrul claimed that the CEC ended his public service career as a joint secretary and was an additional secretary on paper only, meaning that he is not skilled enough to perform his duty as the head of constitutional body.

Hence, his appointment as the CEC is clear indication of political consideration, he said.

“He may remain loyal to Awami League because of his promotion during his job,” Fakhrul stated.

Citing the situation, the BNP leader feared it may not be possible for Nurul Huda to hold a free, fair and neutral election out.

Moreover, Fakhrul termed the last-minute process of formation of the EC prompt.

“We hoped that the shortlisted ten names would have been revealed, but that did not happen,” he said, suspecting that the announcement might already have raised questions among the countrymen.

Had the names been published, the EC reconstitution process may have been much transparent in the eyes of the people, he said.

Before the briefing, BNP sat with the members of the 20-party combine at the same venue.

However, Jamaa-e-Islami, a close ally of BNP, was not seen attending the meeting and tehn media briefing.

Earlier in the day, BNP Joint Secretary General Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal also alleged that the CEC has links with the ruling AL.

According to Alal, the 12th CEC did campaigning for the AL-backed hopefuls in the recent spates of local government elections.

source: Dhakatribune