EC shortlist yet to be finalised

The Election Commission search committee failed to finalise the shortlist of candidates at its third meeting, hence deciding to meet again on February 6.

Additional Secretary of the Cabinet Ministry Abdul Wadud told journalists yesterday that the committee is now in the process of reviewing the track records of the 20 candidates, so as to ensure their honesty, efficiency and impartiality.

Abdul Wadud made the comment while briefing journalists after the search committe’s meeting in the Supreme Court Judge’s Lounge.

The next meeting of the committee will be held on February 6 and the committee is hoping to finalise the short list of their recommended candidates from the primary list by February 8, which is the deadline, he added.

Wadud also said: “No new name has been added to the previous list of 20, but this does not mean that new names can’t be added.”

The committee is now reviewing all 20 names by collecting information from different sources, including the recommendations of eminent personalities, he informed, adding that the previous two meetings were conducted to receive the opinions of such members of civil society.

The recommendations of the civil society members have already been drafted by committee and they might be made public, Wadud said.

source: Dhakatribune