Delayed HSC tests on Jun 12

The HSC and equivalent examinations that were scheduled for May 22 have been pushed back for a second time to Jun 12.

These tests had been deferred to May 27 after cyclonic storm Roanu struck Bangladesh’s coastal areas.

A government handout on Tuesday said the tests have been deferred due to ‘unavoidable reasons’.

But Inter-board Coordination Subcommittee President Prof Mahbubur Rahman told the Election Commission had requested for the exams to be postponed because of the Union Parishad polls.

Voting for the fifth round of the six-phase election will be held in 729 union councils on May 28.

As per the new decision, tests on Economic and Commercial Geography Second Paper, Music Second Paper (theoretical), Drama Second Paper (theoretical), and Economic and Commercial Geography Second Paper (DIBS) will be held from 10am-1am on Jun 12.

And, exams on Chemistry Second Paper (theoretical), Islamic History and Culture Second Paper (humanities section), Islamic History Second Paper (optional-1 and 2), History Second Paper, History Second Paper (optional 1 and 2), Home Management, Childcare and Family Relation Second Paper (theoretical) will be held from 2pm-5pm on that day.

Earlier in the month, shutdowns called by the Jamaat-e-Islami had forced deferments of two days’ exams.

Source: Bdnews