Want a carefree, relaxed vacation? Avoid these cities. They’re way too crowded

Are you looking forward to a long, relaxed holiday? If yes, then do not fall into the trap of going to popular tourist cities across the world because the number of people you’ll find there is sure to kill your vacation spirit.

The suspects are what you expect, cities that are major travel destinations attracting several thousand visitors every year, and have now become too popular for their own good — Hong Kong, Bangkok, London, Singapore and Paris, says a new report from international market research group Euromonitor.

Bangkok bumped London to become the second most-visited city in 2015 while Hong Kong, despite registering lower arrival numbers than the preceding period, maintained its stronghold as the top city destination in the world, it said.

For its research, Euromonitor looked at the final incoming travel data for 2015 to compile their “Top 100 Cities Destinations Ranking.”

Throughout 2015, Hong Kong received 26.7 million international visitors, bagging the title of most-visited city for the seventh consecutive year. That’s even after experiencing a 4 percent dip in visits that year.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s loss appears to have been Bangkok’s gain in 2015, as the Thai capital saw a 10 percent growth in arrivals, nudging the city into second spot past London.

That doesn’t mean the numbers for London were bad. International arrivals to the British capital also rose seven percent in 2015 compared to the previous year.

The city also remained the top European city destination, outpacing its nearest rival Paris which suffered the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks earlier that year.

source: AFP