Marilyn Monroe sought Judy Garland's help before her death

A new book by Judy Garland's third husband, Sid Luft, reveals that two of biggest Hollywood icons of their time, the actress and Marilyn Monroe, were close friends and confidants.

In his unfinished memoir, 'Judy and I', Luft discloses new details about their less-talked about bond and that Monroe had once sought Garland's help before she died from an accidental overdose in 1962.

Luft writes that Monroe's death was especially troubling to Judy since Marilyn had been one of Judy's telephone pals during her years of insomnia. The book also includes an excerpt from an article penned by Garland about Monroe for 'Ladies Home Journal' in 1967, in which she talks about a haunting conversation she once had with the legend.

"I don't want to get too far away from you," she (Garland) said. "I'm scared!" I told her, "We're all scared. I'm scared, too!" Monroe was sure Garland would understand her situation. To this Garland said, "Maybe I would. If you're scared, call me and come on over. We'll talk about it." But they never had that conversation.

source: Times of India