Paintings, prints portray beautiful Bangladesh

Artist Mokhlesur Rahman has made a comeback after six years through a solo show at Shilpangan Gallery. 

The show titled ‘Beautiful Bengal’ displays 35 new works by the artist highlighting natural beauty of Bangladesh in his signature style.

His last solo was held in the Italian capital Rome in 2011 in which he also displayed exquisite natural views of Bangladesh under the same title. 

The ongoing show at Shilpangan was inaugurated on Saturday by the European Union ambassador, Pierre Mayaudon. 

Former foreign affairs secretary and art connoisseur Faruk Sobhan and art collector Rubana Huq were also present at the inauguration ceremony.

Mokhles in his abstract and semi-abstract paintings and prints portray beauty of rivers, boats on river, rain, crop fields and human beings busy with household chores. 

Most of the displayed works of the show are landscape paintings and Mokhles has painted them beautifully by creating mystery, enigma and illusion. 

Shapes and forms of the elements are sporadic and occasional in the surrealistic landscape paintings.

In some of his paintings such as My Homeland, Good Morning Bangladesh, Dancing Nature or Spring’s Birth, Mokhles beautifully presents reflections of nature on water through distorted and abstract images.

 His novel painting My Homeland-4 portrays a semblance of rural and riverine Bangladesh. 

The surrealistic painting depicts a tiny river flowing through green fields and boats are sailing on the river. The details of the adjacent villages are also painted with delicate strokes of the brush. 

 Like the colourful paintings, Mokhles in his woodcut prints also depicts the beauty of the nature with the use of different vibrant colours. 

Prints like Ashwiner Ghran, New Spring, Badolo Din depicts spectacular beauty of different seasons of the year in Bangladesh.

The exhibition will remain open for all till February 10. 

source: Newage