TV Industry celebrates Rabindra Jayanti

The poet whose works are woven into the very fabric of life in Bengal, and whose literary outputs light up an integral part of the Bengali culture, Rabindranath Tagore's 155th birthday has recently passed. Upon this occasion, the local television industry took various initiatives and aired various programmes throughout the day to celebrate. Music programmes, dramas, telefilms, recitations, dance recitals, and documentaries were aired throughout the day in various TV channels. 

Maasranga Television aired the telefilm “Jibito O Mrito” starring Prosun Azad. Based on a Tagore story, the telefilms was directed by Tuhin Hossain. They also aired “Kobita o Gaan e Kobiguru” with Shimul Mustafa. TV drama “Oporichita” was aired on RTV, starring Rounok Hassan and Zakia Bari Momo. Channel i aired “Mukti'r Upay” by Shothirto Rahman Rubel, also based on a Tagore story, starring Shamima Tushti and Shatabdi Wadud. They also aired “Gaaner Utshob” with Tagore singers Sadi Mohammad and Lily Islam. Channel i also hosted the 11th instalment of Rabindramela featuring performances by various artists and they also awarded Abdullah Abu Sayeed and Tapan Mahmud for their contributions towards preserving the legacy of Tagore.

Source: Daily Star