Are your veggies really safe?

We have only known vegetables to possess amazing nutritional values. Ever wondered if your favourite vegetable might actually be harming you?

This virtuous vegetable is said to be one of the healthiest food items. It can lower your cholesterol and has cancer fighting features in it. But over eating it could prove harmful. It contains chemicals which could stop the production of thyroids and lead to a condition called as Hypothyroidism. Someone already suffering from this condition should stay away from all cruciferous vegetables.

Bright and vibrant spinach contains a lot of essential vitamins. But it also contains a chemical called as oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is harmful because it could stop the absorption of calcium and iron in the body and contribute to the formation of kidney stones. Eating raw spinach in salads or any other way can be harmful.

This is another green vegetable which contains high nutritional value, but eating too much of celery might come with a cost ! This is because celery contains crude fibre, and consumption of too much crude fibre could lead to indigestion. People suffering from gastrointestinal diseases should avoid eating too much of it!

Bell Peppers
If you are eating organically grown bell peppers then you are safe. Bell peppers are capable of retaining pesticides and chemicals so checking the labels while purchasing them and buying only organically grown peppers is a wise option.





While Peas are rich in fibres and vitamins, they also have high calorie and carbohydrate content. Eating them in small portions would do no harm but excessive consumption could lead to bloating and even weight gain for those watching their diet!







In fact too much consumption of any vegetable could prove to be detrimental. Vegetables should be consumed in proper portions and like any other food item not be over consumed.