Bishwajit depends more on online music platforms

Noted singer Kumar Bishwajit in an interview with New Age said that he was relying more on digital platforms such as YouTube than more conventional platforms such as CDs, TV channels or radio stations to promote songs. 

‘The digital release of the songs can reach wider audience across the globe,’ said Bishwajit, adding that distribution and payment process are also more transparent in online release of music. 

Kumar Bishwajit said he had released many songs digitally and was working on a music video of his song Jochhonar Barshone, which would be released on YouTube on the upcoming Valentine’s Day. 

‘Moreover, I’ve completed recordings of two folk songs and those would also be released digitally,’ he said.

Bishwajit observed that introduction of digital release of music had opened a new hope for the musicians to overcome slumped trade in the country’s music industry, which was facing many problems such as piracy and royalty sharing.

‘The online platforms, including play stores operated by mobile phone operators, are more transparent in payments. YouTube has also emerged as a potential new platform in the country. We can also earn money through YouTube releases, using various online payment platforms,’ Biswajit said.

He said that the threat of piracy was much lower in digital platforms than conventional marketing of physical CDs.

In spite of all these facilities, Biswajit, being self critical, said that the musicians were not producing many quality songs.

‘Our music industry, indeed, is going through a transition. I will not say that the musicians are not producing good songs these days. The very limited number of quality songs produced here cannot reach wider audiences as the production companies, TV channels and radio stations were not doing their jobs accordingly,’ the singer said. 

He also urged all concerned to work together for the improvement of country’s music industry in the interest of singers, lyricists, composers and producers. 

source: Newage