DMP restricts Airport Road traffic on Xi’s arrival

Traffic movement on a portion of the Airport Road in Dhaka will be limited for 24 hours to ensure foolproof security for arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping tomorrow.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police today said it will temporarily close down the western side (outgoing) of the Airport Road from Khilkhet to MunMun Kabab (Padma Oil) intersections from Friday 10:00am to Saturday 10:00am.

Through the eastern side, incoming and outgoing traffic will be able to move, the Deputy Commissioner (Media) of DMP, Masudur Rahman said.

It requested long-route buses and trucks to use Beribadh-Mazar Road or Gabtoli Road to enter Dhaka instead of using the Abdullahpur route.

Bangladesh and China are expecting further increase in bilateral trade and cooperation with Chinese President Xi Jinping landmark visit.

source:Daily star