Shanghai bans electric scooters and Segways

Shanghai traffic police have promised to crack down on the use of e-scooters and segways due to safety concerns, after a ban two years ago was largely ignored.

State broadcaster CCTV showed footage of Shanghai traffic police charging a driver riding an e-scooter on a main public road.

"Segways and e-scooters belong to neither motorized nor non-motorised vehicles (categories)," said traffic policeman Ye Jialei said as he wrote a ticket for the driver.

"There are rules in place that say skating tools cannot go on the road and can only (be used) in closed communities or places that are not open to the public," he added.

The city will issue verbal warnings and fines from 20 (3 US dollars) to 50 yuan (7.50 US dollars) to anyone who breaks the rules, state media recently announced.

But despite the crack-down, many were still spotted riding segways and e-scooters on public footpaths in the city on Tuesday (August 30).

"I don't support this regulation," said 20-year-old Yu Zihao. "I think this is just for riding on lanes for non-motorized vehicles, and does not affect road traffic too much, so it's not necessary to ban it".

"I see no reason to finish it off with one blow. Could the country open up a bit for it?" said Wu Yiwen, 25, as she rode her e-scooter and walked her dog along a public footpath.

She added that as long as the scooters passed certain standards in terms of security and manufacturing, it ought to be possible to review the rules.

The unicycle e-scooters are priced from 50 yuan (75 US dollars) to 200 yuan (300 US dollars) on average.