Photo of Tamim surfaces after Narayanganj operation

Several images of the bodies of terrorist Tamim Chowdhury and his two aides who were killed today in a raid on a Narayanganj house have surfaced.

Tamim is seen lying face down, dead. He still sports a French-cut beard, neatly trimmed.

One of the two aides had an AK-22 semi-automatic weapon slung across his tummy. Both of them had t-shirts on.

Another photo shows a machete and a knife lying on a blood-smeared floor.

Police said the apartment in which Tamim and others stayed had very little furniture, just as it appeared in case of the Kalyanpur den that was busted July 26.

It seems the terrorists had set up a temporary camp and were constantly changing hideouts.

Tamim is said to be the mastermind of the militant attack at Holey Artisan Bakery in Gulshan, Dhaka on July 1.

Tamim Chowdhury's two aides

Tamim Chowdhury's two aides seen together. The photo has been blurred intentionally. Photo: Collected

Narayanganj raid

A machete and a knife lying on a blood-smeared floor. Photo: Collected
source:Daily star