Watch: This man turns a piece of paper into a blade that cuts through wood!

Just when you thought the world around us couldn’t get any more creative, there are people making paper that can cut wood! You heard us right! Paper cuts through paper, cardboard and guess what, even wood! Don’t believe us? This man took a piece of white paper, cut it into the shape of a circle. He then drew another little circle in the middle of it, to fix it into the wood cutting machine. He proceeded to take out the thin kerf blade that was inside the machine and replaced it with this paper!

This paper becomes the new thin kerf blade now. He fixed it into the machine just like he’ll with a thin kerf, and tightened a screw around its middle, and slowly proceeded to place a wooden slate with a narrow slit over the paper. He started the machine as a result of which the paper rotates at a great speed. He then slowly brought another paper towards the fastly rotating paper, and you’ll see what you haven’t seen or believed before — paper cutting through paper! There’s more. The man brought a cardboard piece and the paper blade cut through that as well. Remember how we have struggled to even tear off a cardboard piece at times, because obviously, it’s hard to? And then came this piece of paper. And just like how everyone kept the best for the last, the man showed how his absolutely simple invention can work its way through a piece of wood as well! Yes, the paper cut through a lighter piece of wood with ease and though it crumbled, cut through a fair part of hard wood too.

Found the description too complex? The video will show you how it’s done.