Now female head teacher assaulted

The headmistress of a primary school in Savar’s Dhamrai has been assaulted and humiliated, amid countrywide outrage over the public shaming of the head teacher of a school in Narayanganj.   

Fouzia Yasmin, headmistress of Egaro Number Paschim Sutrapur Government Primary School, mentioned in the general diary filed with Dhamrai police that the vice-president of the school’s management committee, Abdul Malek, had verbally abused her and beat her up on Sunday, causing her to pass out.

Teachers of the school said assistant teachers Kaniz Nasima and Akhter Hossain got into an argument with Yasmin after the headmistress moved some furniture from the office room to a classroom on Saturday.  

The two teachers called in Malek and President of the management committee Kazi Mohammad Fazlul Haque on Sunday to settle the issue, but Malek argued with Yasmin and hurled abuse at her.

Yasmin, out of fear, ran inside the school toilet but Malek dragged her out and beat her up with the connivance of Nasima and Akhter.    

At one point, Yasmin became unconscious and locals gave her first aid.

In the general diary, the head teacher asked to be provided security and police detained Malek yesterday morning in this connection.

Yasmin said she was scared when Malek attempted to hit her after calling her names.

“I was dragged out of the toilet and they attacked me,” she said. But Nasima and Akhter denied the allegation that they had assaulted her.

They said they just had an argument with Yasmin for her arbitrary acts but did not assault her.    

Malek denied the allegation too, and said Yasmin attempted to hit him with shoes.

“When we made her come out of the toilet, she might have been hurt a little in her hand,” he said, adding that Yasmin never comes to the school on time.   

Daulatar Rahman, Dhamrai upazila primary education officer, said he visited the school after a complaint had been lodged over the incident.

“I went there and got evidence that the complaint is true. A report on the incident has already been sent to the district education office and action will be taken soon in this regard,” he said.  

Rezaul Haque Tipu, officer-in-charge of Dhamrai police station, said Malek was detained and brought to the police station after Yasmin had filed the general diary.

The humiliation of Headmaster Shyamal Kanti Bhakta of Piyar Sattar Latif High School in Narayanganj stirred up strong protests across the country, and Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid yesterday dissolved the institution’s management committee.