This I-Day, here are some beauty ideas to show off your tricolour love

It’s always fun to take on our favourite three colours and celebrate freedom, which is important to all of us. On Monday, celebrate the richness of saffron, white and green with some beauty inspiration. 

Here are ways to take on the mighty triumvirate:

Popping oranges: Makeup has gone back to brights, so try this easy orange eye:

1. Prep your eyelids with a primer and use a beige cream shadow to fill them up.

2. Now, pick a deep shade of orange, and starting from your lash line, fill up your lids.

3. Now, pick a white pencil eyeliner and draw a thick line atop the lash line. Then, using a neon orange gel shadow, pat a coat on top of the liner.

4. Finish by using a shadow brush to smudge stark lines, if any.

White might : White waterlines are an easy way to doll up your peepers, but why not use your liquid ivories for some ramp-esque beauty too?

1. Pick up a white cream liner and use it to do a reverse cat eye on the waterline, with the wing tips stretching out on each side.

2. You can also use a liquid white eyeliner to do tribal art-inspired tips above your brows.

3. Use your white pencil liner as a highlighter. When you fill up your lips with a shade of orange, use the white to highlight your cupid’s bow and the outside corners of your lips.

Emerald all the way:

What about matching your jewels with your makeup? Since green is the flavour, pick emerald eyes:

1. After using a primer, use a deep jewel green shade to fill the lids up till the crease.

2. On the browbone, use a misty grey eyeshadow to create a dramatic effect.

3. Finish with a highlighter on the arch and you’ll be good to go.

source:Hindustan times