JnU students continue agitation for dorms on old Dhaka jail’s land

The BIWTC has advised all to use Bangabandhu bridge after it suspended ferry service on the Paturia-Daulatdia route following damage of three landing stations at Daulatdia terminal in Rajbari.

The ferry service on Paturia-Daulatdia was suspended since 10:00am today to avoid any untoward incident, our Manikganj correspondent reports.

“We advised all to use Bangabandhu bridge as an alternative route,” said Sheikh Mohammad Nasim, deputy general manager of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC).

Shafikul Islam, manager (commerce) of BIWTC at Daulatdia office, said three out of four landing stations have been washed away while the rest one is also under threat of erosion of the Padma river.

Around 1,000 vehicles are seen stranded on both sides of the river as all the nine Ro-Ro ferries are out of the service due to the damaged stations.

The landing station No. 1 was damaged on July 27 due to the strong current of the river. Maximum portion of roads of landing station No. 2 was damaged by the erosion, according to the BIWTC officials.

There are 18 ferries including nine Ro Ro, six itility and three K-type ferries in the Paturia-Daulatdia ferry service.

The ferry service was hampered for consecutive 15-days since July 20 due to strong current and shortage of ferries.