Anti-terror chief trashes conspiracy theories on Dhaka raid

Chief of Dhaka Metropolitan Police counterterrorism unit in a Facebook post today said those who could not accept law enforcers’ success in Kalyanpur operation are raising questions about the authenticity of the drive.

By raising many questions, a section of people have been spreading conspiracy theories on social media from yesterday that the whole Kalyanpur operation was a police set up.

In his post early today, Monirul Islam picked several such questions and answered them.

If a person pretends not to understand something then how he can find answers to such questions, says Monirul.

Questions like “How could you label them as militants without knowing their name and address?” “Why did they go to bed wearing a certain type of Panjabi and keds?” “How is it possible to fire continuously from four pistols?” “Why they (militants) were not caught alive?” would not been raised if the questioner is aware of the history of such anti-militancy operations, he said.

“The entire social media is discussing that neighbours said people (militants) in that flat had chanted slogans in favour of so called jihad, so called IS flag was found in their room, huge books on extremism were found. Still, is there any research necessary to understand whether they are militants?” Monirul questioned.

The anti-militancy unit chief said one does not have to be an intellectual to understand whether the militants had time to sleep, wear such dress in between around 1:00am to 5:50am, between the first encounter and the final.

Tuesday’s raid was covered live by the media. The Daily Star was running updates on the drive from 3 am Tuesday.

A The Daily Star correspondent was present on the spot along with other journalists after the gun battle ensued between law enforcers and militants.

In the early hours of Tuesday, nine suspected militants were killed in a fierce gun battle with law enforcers after law enforcers stumbled across the militant hideout in a building.