5 healthy, sugar-free fruit smoothies to kickstart your day

Blame it on sheer laziness or today’s fast paced lifestyle, most people often miss out on a healthy breakfast. We understand the time crunch but there’s no excuse for skipping the most important meal of the day. To save you the trouble of including an extensive nutrition-packed meal every morning, we present you five healthy, sugar-free fruit smoothies that are absolutely easy to make. The best part? It will definitely keep you full and can also be used as a takeaway in case you want to rush out the door.

Spinach and Banana Smoothie

1cup- Spinach
1- Whole banana, fresh or frozen
½ cup- Almond milk (contains neither cholesterol nor lactose)
Honey- To taste, as a sweetener (optional)

* In a blender, mix spinach, banana and almond milk and blend for about 4 mins straight.

* Taste if sweet enough. If not, add a bit of honey as a natural sweetener and blend for 2 mins.

* Your green smoothie filled with vital nutrients is ready! Serve with crushed ice or have it normally.

Benefits of spinach
* It is loaded with vitamins like A, B2, C and K and contains antioxidants and minerals too.
* It has a high nutritional value and has magnesium, manganese, folate, iron, calcium and potassium.
* Low on calories, this green also fights osteoporosis, heart diseases, arthritis and cancer. However it is advisable to eat spinach with vitamin C rich foods as it contains oxalic acid which can reduce the nutritional intake of your body.

Benefits of banana
* Its calorific value is 105 – 250.
* Contains 18% vitamin C, 13% potassium, 12% dietery fibres and 9% manganese. Also, has Vitamin B6 which increases the production of anti-bodies.
* Helps in reducing blood pressure.